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Friday, February 05, 2010

Search Engine Success: Avecina.com

Fuel Multimedia's crack team of Search Engine Optimization gurus has done it again! FuelSEO, a division of Fuel Multimedia has performed their SEO magic for Avecina.com. Avecina is Jacksonville based urgent care company. They currently have 3 walk-in clinics serving Jacksonville, FL.

The backstory:

Dr. Saman Soleymani approached Wesley Black about performing some search engine optimization on his existing website. He was also displeased with his current hosting provider. The first order of business was to migrate the website to Fuel Multimedia's preferred hosting environment. This was taken care of in a matter of days.

Avecina had achieved some moderate rankings with the 3 major search engines, but they were seldom to be found for search phrases that did not include their company name. Dr. Soleymani wanted to abandon use of their domain name 'avecinamedical.com' and begin using the recently acquired 'avecina.com.' This presented a small challenge.

In order to maintain their clout with the search engines, we created a series of 301 redirect rules that tell the search engine where each page's new permanent home is under the new domain and file naming convention.

After that, we began the research. We found out which search phrases were demanding the most search volume, and we focused on those. We put these keywords in place throughout the site using our Top Secret SEO Techniques.

Once the web site was ready to be marketed, we began doing just that. Since Dr. Soleymani chose the Fuel SEO - SERPs Dominator Plan, we didn't pull any punches as we aggressively marketed Avecina.com to the search engines.

The Results:

We began work on Avecina.com around October 28, 2009. As of the time of this writing, just over 3 months have passed and we have already achieved some amazing results with the search engines.

Avecina.com - Fuel SEO Visibility Chart

This chart shows the website's visibility score over time. Details on how the visibility score is calculated can be found on FuelSEO.com.

Let's have a look at the changes in traffic, shall we?

Here are the date ranges we're comparing traffic from:
Nov 1, 2009 - Dec 1, 2009 vs. Jan 4, 2010 - Feb 4, 2009

Traffic from Search Phrase: Urgent Care Jacksonville FL
% Change: +241.67%

Traffic from Search Phrase: Walk in Clinic Jacksonville FL
% Change: +85.71%

Traffic from Search Phrase: Urgent Care Jacksonville
% Change: +266.67%

Traffic from Search Phrase: Urgent Care Centers Jacksonville FL
% Change: +350.00%

As you can see, Fuel SEO's tactics have once again proven effective. Don't waste another minute without Fuel on your side. Contact Fuel today!

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